Wojtek Skalski: Why orienting towards East?

Eastern orientation is not a matter of belief or mere tradition. There are many strong reasons for favouring east:
1. The influence of sun energy on life is strongest in the East. Every morning the sunrise awakes vitality in man and in the whole nature. The house and its inhabitants should benefit from this revitalising influence.
2.  Latest research in neuro-physiology reveals that activity of human brain reacts to the direction one is facing. Functioning of our brain influences the whole physiology as well as our thinking and feelings.
3. According to Veda and many other ancient traditions, buildings should embody the eternal order of the Universe so that they can function as a link between individual life and cosmic harmony.
4. As the Earth rotates towards the East, the houses should face the direction of travelling as we do while travelling on a bus or train.
5. The ancient scriptures of Sthapatya Veda tell that eastern (and northern) entrance brings good luck, health and harmony to the house, while other directions weaken this natural influences and cause problems.
6. This principle of orientation has been used in many ancient traditions all over the world (see examples)
7. The very word orientation indicates orient which means sunrise or East. Unfortunately in our time architects are not aware of this meaning while orienting our houses and towns.








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